Carrier Infinity integration


I got infinitive setup this week using Will1604’s fork and it’s working, but the logs are flooded with the “retransmitting frame” and “action time out”. See snippet of log below. Is anyone else experiencing this? I seem to be able to control the thermostat, but it’s slow to update. I’m trying to figure out if this is normal. I tried switching from a raspberry pi zero w to a raspberry pi 3 to see if that would help, but it didn’t. Any suggestions?

Mar 14 01:13:59 raspberrypi infinitive[463]: time="2019-03-14T01:13:59Z" level=info msg="encoded frame: 9201 -> 2001: READ     003b03"
Mar 14 01:14:00 raspberrypi infinitive[463]: time="2019-03-14T01:14:00Z" level=debug msg="timeout waiting for response, retransmitting frame" <-- this line normally repeats 5 times between reads.
Mar 14 01:14:00 raspberrypi infinitive[463]: time="2019-03-14T01:14:00Z" level=debug msg="transmitting frame: 200192010300000b003b03ecba" <-- this line normally repeats 5 times between reads.
Mar 14 01:14:00 raspberrypi infinitive[463]: time="2019-03-14T01:14:00Z" level=info msg="action timed out"

@mww012 Thank you for making the HA component.
@Tj_Davis Thank you for providing the steps you used to get things working.


Yes I see the same issue in my log file. It does work overall though.

[[email protected] log]$ zcat infinitive.log-20190311.gz | grep -c 200192010300000b003b03ecba
[[email protected] log]$ zcat infinitive.log-20190311.gz | grep -c "timeout waiting for response, retransmitting frame"
[[email protected] log]$ zcat infinitive.log-20190311.gz | wc -l


I know that people have had issues if they went with stranded cable vs solid core. Not sure what you’re using there. From my reading, the serial protocol has some architecture issues where you’ll have collisions on the bus because it doesn’t do any kind of CSMA/CD. If you don’t have a physical issue with the cable you may be seeing collisions of the original packet or the acknowledgement. Not really anything we can do about it from what I can tell.


I’m using solid 18AWG for the wiring. I assumed that would be sufficient. What are you using for cables and are you not seeing the timeouts in your logs? In my logs ~5 out of 6 logs are timeouts. It’s very frequent.

The collision issue could certainly cause some problems, but I wouldn’t think it would be so frequent. I could be wrong though. I may probe the signals with an oscilloscope to see if I can figure out what’s going on. Probably won’t be of much use, but it’s worth a shot.


I’m sure 18AWG would be sufficient. I had some leftover in the attic that was about that size. That’s what I’m using. And you’re right, I wouldn’t expect to be seeing that many timeouts. I’d imagine your cable run is relatively short so I wouldn’t expect noise on the line to be a problem. You could report an issue in Will1604’s Infinitive repo. I’ll keep looking and see if I can find anything that may help.


I’m using 20AWG solid wire for my runs, and I saw the same thing on Infinitive. I also have seen crashing issues on infinitude, which may be related to this as well, but not able to fully confirm, as it could be something else that is going on with the serial bus. I can’t imagine that the wire is “bad” on my 20 ft run.