Change default cover icons

I recently installed Home Assistant and can control all the covers. Just the icon of the covers are not that fitting. In the state open it uses the mdi:window-open and in the closed it uses mdi:window-closed. In my opinion that is not a good fit, because there is mdi:window-shutter and mdi:window-shutter-open. I like to change this, but I’m not successful. Using customize I can just set the icon as permanent. So no state depending icons anymore.

Is there an option to get the cover using the shutter-icons?

Did you use customize to set the cover’s device_class to shutter?

Or did that not produce the desired dynamic icons?

Oh thanks. No I did just set the icon statically. But changing the device class did the trick. That’s great.

fyi: I also found out that I could just custom ui for this purpose. Than it is just a multi-if-statement with changing the icon depending on the state which does the same.

However, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Custom UI is a custom integration whereas what I suggested is a standard function in Home Assistant. It’s not needed unless you also want to display the icons in different colors (then you need to use Custom UI because customization can’t do that).

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