Change profile name


I´ve installed Home Assistant 2021.10.6 on a VM on VMware.
Everything works fine, but when I started to play with configuration I can see that i did a typo when setting up HA. As you can see under my name is spelled wrong. As the own of system I cannot delete my user (I think?) and recreate it.

Error: person.kenneth_hanasen
Should be: persomn.kenneth_hansen

Is there anyway to edit and fix this?
If yes, how?
What config files etc must be edited so HA works after loading new config.


Given that you wrote persomn the second time I will not suggest you to change the configs.
However you can just add a new user with the correct spelling and then delete the old.
Just make sure the new user has the same user rights as the old.

It worked when I replaced my users many months ago, but not sure if there is any changes in HA since then, but I highly doubt it.

Hi @Hellis81,

This is the owners account and cannot be deleted or as far as I can find, no possibility to add a similar user. “Shoud be” Persomn was a typo, it was the user name that is wrong.

Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

I know it was a typo.
But that is also the reason why I didn’t want to suggest opening the storage folder as Francis did.
If you managed to typo your name and your correction then I can’t suggest opening the json files.
If you typo there also then HA wont boot.

Hi @Hellis81,

Thanks for advice, but that was not the question :slight_smile:

Thanks @francisp, that fixed it.