Change update interval from Number Components

I have made a unit using a ESP8266, and a CSE7766 voltage/current sensor. It works great but I would like to change update_interval with number components…

my code :

- platform: cse7766
    id: cse7766_sensor
      name: "T1 Current"
      name: "T1 Voltage"
      id: "T1_Voltage"
      accuracy_decimals: 1
      id: my_power
      name: "T1 Power"
    update_interval: never

  - platform: template
    id : template_number
    name: "Template number"
    min_value: 1
    max_value: 600
    step: 1
    optimistic: true

  - platform: sntp
    id: my_time    
      - seconds: !lambda |-
         return (id(template_number).state) ; 
          - lambda: 'id(cse7766_sensor).update() ;'

This code throws an error:

     return (id(template_number).state) ;

esphome compiler show this error : this option is not templatable!.

Is there a way to fix this?

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thanks for reply.
i edited it

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please help me for fix this problem.

It is not possible according to the error you are receiving:

no any idea?

It’s not about ideas. That option does not accept templates.

how do i schedule the updates?

I don’t think you can. Why do you want to?

Is it possible to use number as interval time?