Cheap solution for Alarm Sirens with battery backup

So are you using this to enable/disable your alarm in HA, or does it trigger your siren?
Is your siren also Zwave?

Trigger siren and enable alarm. Got a Zwave siren and 433

Hi just got the j008 siren, it does sound, when pressing the transmitter button, but just one chime at a time (one press of button and it sounds for 1-2 seconds). Is this normal?

I managed to get my Sonoff RF bridge to learn the signal and send it. But now having a hard time to do multiple sending, so to make the siren sound constantly when alarm is triggered.

My Zwave siren once triggered they sound and do not stop, which should be the normal behaviour of a siren.

Or maybe i am missing something with the j008?

probably because you’re sending the wrong command.
From what I could see with mines, these are the modes from the remote:

  • Disarmed (unlock button). something like 2 short beeps and 2 flashes, then off
  • Armed Away (lock button) something like 2 short beeps and 2 flashes, then off
  • Panic Mode (bell button) normal alarm triggered, siren screams and LEDs flash
  • Armed Home (“S” button): no beeps, LEDs flash twice every sec

Because I don’t want the (very loud) beeps every time I arm or disarm the alarm, I’m only using the panic mode (sound the alarm when triggered) and the arm home mode: when I arm/disarm the HA alarm, I send the Armed Home signal so the LEDs keep flashing twice every sec, that way the alarm box doesn’t look like a dummy.
I’m also in the process of housing the alarm PCB, battery and siren inside a Yale dummy box so it looks more professional than the Kerui box

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The siren came with this remote. I do not have the Kerui consolle (I wish to use HASS for that), the remote has a button inside (only one I think), and that’s the code I am sending.

Do you have just the siren and that remote with 4 buttons? So you program the siren that way (like the siren can be programmed with 4 different commands)??


What 433MHz transceiver are you using?
I’m using an RFXTrx and I originally tried to use the F8 transmitter wired to a Raspberry Pi.
I set my rfx automatic_add to true powered the F8, then unpowered it.
This automatically added 2 switches.
I can’t remember in which order, but I had to turn one of the switches off to trigger the alarm, and turn the other switch on to activate the arm_away mode (no beeps, flashing LEDs)
I then bought the remote that allowed me to better understand how the alarm works and ended up anyway using the same scenario as described above…

Sonoff RF Bridge, which seems to work fine: when I press the remote control, it does send an RF Signal pickewd up by the Sonoff RF Bridge (that’s the code I used to make the Sonoff RF Bridge SEND the code).

Problem is the remote control when prerssed the Sirens chimes ONE time only, like for 1-2 seconds (and of course also when sendiong the same signal from the RF Bridge)

Do you have just the siren and that remote with 4 buttons? So you program the siren that way (like the siren can be programmed with 4 different commands)??

From my findings you need 2 buttons/switches.
The one you have is probable the one related to the Disarm button on the remote.
You need another button for the other functions.

Here is the extract of my config with the 2 that were discovered:

      # name: Kerui Panic
      name: Kerui Alarm
      fire_event: true
      # name: Kerui Arm Home
      name: Kerui Disarm
      fire_event: true

For it to work, I turn off the first switch to trigger the alarm, and I turn on the 2nd switch to set the alarm box to aram home mode (no beeps, LEDs flash twice every sec)
I believe the other state for each button will do the equivalent to Arm Away and Disarm, but can’t remember which/how (currently at work)
Note the fire_event: true so that even though the switch is already [say] on, if I switch is on again from an automation, it still sends the signal

Do you have just the siren and the 4 button remote? Or the full Kerui system?

The question is how do you program the Siren? Inside the siren there is just one button for learning signal , and that supposedly can learn only one command not more than one. I don’t get it if not that triggering the Siren is just a multiple repeat of the same signal, and to stop the siren you stop sending the signal

just the siren and the remote, but I don’t use the remote.
The learning allows you to pair a device (remote, F8 transmitter, other device) with the siren.
when I first paired the F8 to the siren, it created 2 switches in HA.
One of them triggers the alarm when turned off. The idea is you can pair a window sensor to the alarm so that it would ring the alarm if the window is opened, but you don’t want the alarm to turn off if you simply close the window again, you need a different command to turn the alarm off, hence the 2 separate switches.
Again I’m not sure how that worked, but for me setting the alarm in pair/learn mode, I then simply powered the F8, then removed the power and that was enough for HA to discover 2 switches.

Mmmhhh thanks for the help, although I am not quite there. I got the first part (the Siren can learn multiple commands), but my need just to trigger it with a RF command (and of course stopping it)

I do not get it how you created 2 switches: you have the F8 (transmitter) and the J008 (siren) only, correct?
I suppose you did

  1. put the J008 SIren into learning mode
  2. press the trigger button of the F8 transmitter
  3. Now the Siren will trigger (for 1-2 seconds) when you press the F8 trigger button

that is what I did, nothing more.

what else did you do???

not exactly. I did not press any button on the F8, I simply powered it on and off (so cut the power adapter from the cable and manually connected the cables to GPIO ports on a RPI)
With automatic_add set to true I had 2 devices then added to HA
Sorry I can’t help more.

I see I thought >I could skip that part since I have a Sonoff RF Bridge to send signal. I think that in your case when you tell HASS to send the GPIO switch, its like sending multiple times the same signal to the Siren … I do not see how it could be not this way.

Wha t did you power ON and OFF, the F8 transmitter (like taking out the battery)?

With no battery in the F8, I cut the end of the white wire that comes off (chopped off the connector that looks like audio plug), wired the F8 negative cable to ground on the Pi, then simply touched the F8 positive cable to +3.3V (or maybe +5V, can’t remember what voltage goes in the F8) and removed the cable.


Ahh now I start to get it. So basically the TRIGGER button inside the F8 send a signal, while when the positive cable is +3,3V sends another signal, and you are saying that when you disconnect the positive cable sends a third signal (how can send signal if F8 has no power …)?

But I will try now

To be honest if you struggle you might be better off buying the remote, it’s less than $5 from AliExpress

Yes I will neveretheless, its the 1 month waiting that kills, lol.

Anyway I think I got it: I just put 3,3V on the F8 (with a simple button battery), and YES the Siren J008 sounds and never ends (and the Sonoff RF Bridge sniffs a different code) , when I take out the button battery, it gives a 1-2 second chime (and the Sonoff RF Bridge sniffs the same code as the trigger button , go figure, but for sure is the Siren and not the Transmitter sending the signal) and after the Siren stops.

So now I have 2 code: ON (continuously) and OFF (after few 1-2 seconds chime)

p.s. basically the TRIGGER button of the F8 its a OFF signal for the Siren (go figure …)

Guess Kerui based their logic on a Normally Closed Reed Switch…
See explanation of both modes:

Basically now I replicated the PANIC button (siren screams and LEDs flash without ending) and the DISARM button (2 short beeps and 2 flashes, then off). But I will use just for Triggering the Siren and stopping it.

EDIT Strange that you have the ARM_HOME mode instead of the DISARM