Chicken eggs!

Yep, it just goes to show that the most important step of any design process is the URS :rofl:

I think the specs morphed over the course of 40 posts.

agreed. Or at least it gave the impression that it did.

nowhere did I ever state that. in fact this was stated: ““Yes, I want to overlap and turn on an hour before sunrise and give the little guys 15 +/- hours of light. Each day.””

and as you can tell, there a numerous ways to do this, depending on how you approach it. some quite complex, others simple. And judging from the responses, it appears it was a worthwhile exercise where most learned something, esp about templating and an enhanced sun.sun. which makes the platform even more useful to folks like me.

And that is no joke.


I never claimed you did. Nevertheless, the efforts to create a solution aimed for that level of accuracy. It’s clear that your 1-hour overlap comment was overlooked by many contributors (including me).

Based on my experience (about a year of participation in many hundreds of posts), I’d say this was an exercise in a cluster-fudge. Something is amiss when it takes a small army and 40+ posts to devise an egg-timer.

Dollars to donuts this would’ve been a concise thread had the requirements been stated as ‘turn on the light 15 hours before sunset then turn it off 1 hour after sunrise’. And that’s no yolk.

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Way to go. You’re doing a really great job of discouraging people from asking questions and even figuring out what question to ask and stumbling through a complicated system where one of the stated objectives is to simplify it.

On the contrary. It’s in everyone’s best interest to ask questions. In fact, there’s even a detailed explanation available of how to ask good questions.

I encourage everyone to read it and apply it when composing their questions. They’re more likely to get a faster, better answer.