Cistern monitoring - hardware suggestions?

Dear community, I appreciate your help. I would like to monitor my rainwater cistern with HA.


  • Capacity: 6000 L
  • Water column height: ca. 2,5 m
  • Material of the cistern: concrete
  • Position: Underground / under the terrace
  • Prepared: 230 V supply and empty pipe
  • Length of empty pipe to the nearest LAN socket: ~ 25 m


  • Measurement minimum every 2 minutes
  • Hard-wired (I have bad experience with radio and underground)
  • Evaluation and automation with HA gladly graphic filling level of the cistern.
  • Temp-stable for staying outside in the winters, too

Which hardware can you recommend? In the hardware we measure largely with ultrasonic sensors. Here, however, the possibility of condensation on the sensor is given. There are also hose solutions from which air is constantly bubbling at the bottom of the cistern - and the hydrostatic pressure is measured with it, float balls, etc. …

I am looking for an affordable solution. Because of me I spend a few euros more, if you can connect a stable solution by means of industrial hardware to HA (as a HA beginner).

It would be great if in the future I could use my rainwater rationally in our increasingly dry summers and not have to break open the terrace every two weeks to look for some error in the hardware.

Thank you very much, Franz

PS: Yes I did search and google. But I am not happy with suggestet solutions and they are often very old and somehow self soldered… :wink:

Did you stumble upon this thread? Broad discussion of different solutions.

ESPHome water level sensor - ESPHome - Home Assistant Community (

Bonjour @electronicfranz as tu trouvé les capteurs et codes ?

Thank you. That sounds like a lot of handicrafts I would like to avoid (lack of time) and therefore prefer a reliable, relatively “finished”, weatherproof solution (industrial solution if necessary).There are hundreds of level measurements for stinking oil tanks in the basement in the catalog. But I don’t find anything for my use case …

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