Classic Energenie support via 433MHz

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From an RFXCom perspective, it turns out it was just a matter of creating the right codes :smiley:


I use my Sonoff RF bridge flashed with Espurna (I guess Tasmota would work also) to control my Energenie devices. I set the device into learn mode and just press the energenie remote to get the activation codes. Once learnt I set up Home Assistant as :switch 8:

  • name: Dehumidifier
    platform: mqtt
    state_topic: Sonoff-RF-Bridge/relay/2
    command_topic: Sonoff-RF-Bridge/relay/2/set
    payload_on: 1
    payload_off: 0
    availability_topic: Sonoff-RF-Bridge/status
    payload_available: 1
    payload_not_available: 0

and it works fine. I taken the Energenie hub out of my system which means I control all aspects from within my local device.


Any further progress getting this incorporated this into HA as an addon?


I never did manage it. I realised to be useful I’d need to support other Pis too - but moved away from HA with Google Home being more restrictive and hard to support.

Will perhaps pick it up again - in the mean time you could get it working locally if you copy that file into your install.

Sorry to drop the ball!