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I feared as much. thanks for the quick reply and the great work!

Hi Arne,
what kind of water detector do you use?

Regards, Chris

Hey, I’m using two Xiaomi Aqara Water sensors (10€). The Aqara sensors in general are very reliable and dirt cheap. I also use about 10 window/door sensors from them without any problems. You just need the Xiaomi Mijia bridge.

I also love the xiaomi sensors - unbeatable for the price.

Did you ever have any problems with hub connectivity? Very often when HA restarts (upgrades, config changes, etc) I have an error that the “xiaomi_aqara” hub wasn’t found (though not all the time).

Love the theme btw, it’s my daily driver at the moment :slight_smile:

How do you make the menu horizontally at the top? I must have miss a feature somewhere.

It’s compact custom header

Thanks :slight_smile: . Never had any issues with the bridge. Only when I kill my wifi and some race condition between the HA server and the xiami hub occurs, I might need to restart HA.

Actually that makes sense. Flaky WiFi in my office!!!

hi, awesome theme!
could be possible change the very dark grey color of the text color in the example?i’ve looked in the theme but i can’t find te mapped text color…

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I also postulate to change this very dark color…

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The only way is to change the primary-color which also changes the header background :frowning: .
BUT I’m working on a pull request to the calendar component to change this color to the secondary color instead of primary color.


how do you have the menu bar thin?

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I added instructions how to install theme dependent background images.

Hi naofireblade, first of all, great job on the theme, I really enjoy both this one and the ‘clear’ skin. If you’d like any help on the pull request, just give me a shout.

Thanks for this. Looks pretty great. I do have one question:

When using the section label in an entities list. It appears to be using the ‘primary-color’ for the label. So as an example, the kitchen label is so close to the background color its hard to actually read.

- label: Kitchen
  type: section
- entity: switch.cabinet_lights
  name: Cabinet
- entity: switch.kitchen_main_light
  name: Main
show_header_toggle: false
title: Indoor
type: entities

Its the same for the hyperlinks in the profile page, where you select themes too. Did I mess something up? Any idea on how to fix that? I tried a bunch of things, and didn’t get anywhere.

You can set the primary-color to a brighter one but this will also affect the header background.
You can then change the header background with the latest release of custom_compact_header which allows a custom color for the header beside the primary-color.

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I’m sorry, but where do you save the theme file and do you just save it as a .css?

Looks absolutely beautiful but I’m having an issue and I’m not sure if it’s been fixed already. I read the above posts…

All the links are dark and thusly hard to read. Is this happening to other people as well? Thanks!


yep… it’s the same for all of us

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