Climate Sensors Tile Card

The current Climate Tile card is mostly aimed at entities that set a value (thermostat, airco etc).

Many devices that combine temperature, humidity, CO2, Lux and other sensor readings are available. The SNZB-02 is a cheap example that works really well.

A tile card that combines these kind of sensor readings and displays it in a tight and neat manner would be helpfull. Maybe “enviroment” would be a fitting name for the tile category.

Alternatively, a generic “sensor” tile card that support various sensor readings from a device with the ability to configure ranges, gauges etc could also work.

That’s not how core tile cards work. Same as for your other FR - you are being too specific.

Core tile cards aren’t made for specific devices they are made for domains, like sensor, cover, climate, etc…

There’s nothing stopping you or third party developers creating your own features for the tile cards though. See: Custom tile features | Home Assistant Developer Docs

I don’t understand what the difference between a “cover” domain and a “enviroment sensor” domain would be.

Every “cover” device has an open and close action. Every smartplug has a toggle button and a power consumption reading. Every Climate Sensor has temperature and humidity.

You got one out of three right. There are smart plugs without power monitoring and there are climate sensors that have neither temperature or humidity. But that’s not the point.

Core tiles are generic, they are designed for all devices, not specific ones. However as I said there is nothing stopping the development of third party device specific tile features. You are just unlikely to see them in the core tiles. Just like home assistant provides an entities card but does not provide a smart plug card.

I still don’t understand the difference.

Not every airco can heat, yet there’s a generic climate tile that has a heating option.
Not every alarm has a vacation mode, yet there’s a generic alarm tile that has a vacation mode.
Not every vacuum has a spot clean mode, yet there’s a generic vacuum tile that has a spot clean mode.
Not every water heater works on gas, yet there’s a generic water heater tile that has a gas mode.

Not every environment sensor has humidity and therefore we cannot do a environment sensor card?
Not every smart plug has power consumption and therefore we cannot do a smart plug card?

I am not asking for a tile for a specific device. I am asking for a tile for a category (or domain) of devices. Devices that monitor the environment of an area for this FR specifically. Devices that control and potentially monitor the behaviour of a plugged in appliance for the other.

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Ok I can see that I’m not getting through to you. Good luck with your request.

Why can we do a tile for climate devices yet not for smart plug devices?

It’s a simple question, both are a domain of devices with overlapping, but not always matching, set of functionalilty.

No they aren’t. I am talking home assistant “domains” here it has a very specific meaning.

switch.my_smart_plug → domain is switch, and “my_smart_plug” is the object id.

climate.upstairs_heating → domain is climate, object id is upstairs_heating.

The climate domain covers a wide variety of devices.

A smart plug is one device in the vast domain of switches. It may also have entities in the sensor domain if it monitors power.

Do you have a core card specific for you multi-sensor or smart plug?

No, you have sensor and/or entities cards. It is the same thing with tiles.

Core cards and tiles are generic. 3rd party cards and tiles may be device specific.

Feature requests are for core features, not 3rd party ones.

Ah, so it needs to be part of an unique domain and be considered a “group” entity. It’s not clear at all which integrations are considered to be part of the set, but I believe if you search the repo for “” you find all of them.

So the possibility to add “features” to the tiles of specific entities completely relies on the design decision to group certain type of devices under a specific domain or not.

That’s a shame, I had hoped features within Tile Cards would ultimately result in many type of devices being supported adding uniform design language.

Now I would first have to argue why a generic environment sensor device entity would be useful, give it it’s own domain, and then maybe add a Tile Card.

The team have opened up development of tile features. Third party specific tile features can be made, in fact there’s this already this for custom tile buttons you can add easily yourself: Service Call Button Tile Feature

Someone is bound to make one configurable enough for your needs sooner or later.