Clothes Dryer Automations

I haven’t been able to get mine to add to the smart things app, well the plug hub that is, looks like I have a mk110 plug rather then the one mentioned in their documentation for setting up smart things.

So I have some esphome code. I fully intend to replace it with something home-rolled later, but I made the mistake of buying the SmartDry, I might as well use it. The device simply announces it’s data over BLE, so:

    - manufacturer_id: "01AE"
        - lambda: |-
            uint32_t hum = x[0] + (x[1] << 8) + (x[2] << 16) + (x[3] << 24);
            uint32_t temp = x[4] + (x[5] << 8) + (x[6] << 16) + (x[7] << 24);
            uint16_t shake = x[8] + (x[9] << 8);
            uint8_t batt = x[10];
            uint8_t wake = x[11];

  - platform: template
    name: "SmartDry Temperature"
    device_class: 'temperature'
    accuracy_decimals: 4
    id: temp_sensor
  - platform: template
    name: "SmartDry Humidity"
    device_class: 'humidity'
    accuracy_decimals: 4
    id: hum_sensor
  - platform: template
    name: "SmartDry Shake"
    id: shake_sensor
  - platform: template
    name: "SmartDry Battery"
    id: batt_sensor
  - platform: template
    name: "SmartDry Awake"
    id: wake_sensor
  - platform: template
    name: "SmartDry Raw"
    id: raw_sensor

I can’t for the life of me figure out how the temp and humidity relate to real world measurements (I’m not even sure I haven’t swapped them), but the shake one seems to be correct, so I just monitor that and when it drops below 10 I have Alexa make an announcement.


Ignore my comment below. It took me a little learning and asking around for help but I got this to work, and it works as same as the app. Thanks to the original poster for providing the calculation. You need to create a sensor template and pull in the data from the humidity reading and perform the calculation within the same sensor template.

I’m also pulling in some additional attributes to try and determine the battery is low or if, what I assume, is a concerning level of high heat. Not sure yet what the numbers are as all are at 0 right now, but I plan to monitor it over the coming months. If anyone can speak to the expected values for these in the meantime, I’d appreciate it.


Original comment:
Has anyone else tried this method with any luck? I’m able to see the json attributes in the SmartDry entity thanks to the above AWS integration but I don’t know how to create a variable called “Dryness” in YAML and perform this calculation. I’m guessing once I have the Dryness variable populated I could create an automation that says if “Dryness” > 83, then stop the dryer (via a smart plug) and send a notification.

Can someone confirm if this has worked for them or how to go about getting the variable into HA and calculation performed? Still new to HA (as a non-Dev) and this is the first time I’ve ever performed a calculation or created a variable so struggling to comprehend what to do here.

Well it seems as if another one bites the dust…just got this email:

It is with sadness and disappointment that we are announcing the closure of Connected Life Labs and discontinuing our SmartDry products. Effective immediately, Connected Life Labs will no longer be selling or supporting the SmartDry devices. We have secured cloud operations for all existing units to remain active until September 30th 2022, at which point the cloud services will cease operations and the product apps will no longer be supported.

We thank all our customers and those who supported our mission to create innovative and energy-saving smart home devices along the way.

Dang. I haven’t received that email yet, thanks for sharing. This is one of my favorite automations stopping the dryer via switchbot button press when clothes are dry and Google broadcast letting the house know

Live by the cloud, die by the cloud :slight_smile:

What a bunch of money grabbing a’holes.

With SmartDry closing and cutting off their cloud, your solution may be our only hope.

Just took my SmartDry “hub” apart, since after September 2022, they won’t care.
It’s a ESP32-WROOM-32 board soldered to USB A power supply. Here is the datasheet:

I don’t really have any experience with ESP32 natively, so curious if the stock SmartDry can be re-purposed and joined to HA natively. That would mean everyone with one, could just re-program it out of SmartDry’s cloud and use the above configurations to make it work locally.

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You don’t even need the hub. @DieKatzchen has published the esphome code. You can use any esp32.

It is probably possible to reprogamme the hub. Can you show some pics of the interior?

Saying I “published the code” implies it’s more useable than it is. I can get the raw numbers out, and I can turn some of raw numbers into useable numbers. I still have absolutely no clue how the numbers I pull out relate to the actual temperature or humidity, although if anyone wants to play around with them and try to get some sort of real-world values, be my guest. I’m fairly confident I at least am breaking it into the right size variables, because I looked at the raw hex values and paid attention to how rapidly each byte changed.

I wonder if people who have the device should be documenting the hex values against the app output while the app output is still available. With data some people may be able to help.

I put it the values on a card with the app values and tried to work it out, but this sort of thing isn’t my strong suit. Might be a good idea to put the hex value too in case I’m wrong about the breaks.

if its a esp32 board… is there a chance of dumping the code of it to figure out exactly what they are doing?

I mean, it’s possible… but it would be in bytecode, so would require very specialized knowledge. Easier to just gather all the numbers we can and try to work out the math.

Well, you don’t need the hub if you already have an ESP32 host on your network that is configured to receive BLE beacons and you can leverage the code provided. I don’t. I DO have the ESP32 hub that SmartDry was already leveraging; so that’d be WAY easier to leverage if possible.

Not sure if the 302 is a Lot number, or a serial number for my specific unit.

Bit fuzzy there.

It’s small and what I can do without a macro lens. Maybe if you explained what you wanted to see?

I can help with the decoding if you can share the hex you receive and the expected values.
If it works I will integrate it to TheengsGateway and OpenMQTTGateway.

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Do you just have anything else on esp related to sensor or is that it?

Mine are all just unknown values in HA and logs just show ‘’ without anything being sent.

I unplugged the smartdry esp too Incase there was some sort of pairing between them, but it looks like it just broadcasts over ble