Cloud Backup and Thanks

It’d be nice to sync the backups to Google Drive, S3, etc natively rather than through 3rd party components. That said…

THANK YOU DEVS for the damn slick backup system we have now. My penchant for making use of old hardware and experimentation has rendered me eternally grateful for the easy/breezy backup & restore features. I think I’ve shifted computers, recovered from HD crashes, and the like many times now.

And a thank you to this fellow GitHub - sabeechen/hassio-google-drive-backup: Automatically create and sync Home Assistant backups into Google Drive that ensures backups are tucked safely away off-site.

Indeed, has worked perfectly for me every time.

I agree that the Devs have given us some great options, and deserve thanks!

This may be sort of what I’m getting at with this Feature Request:

It takes a slightly different approach, but one I think makes a lot more sense. Often when you need to restore a backup, you have to restore it from another system anyway. Why not save the I/O to your HA storage and create it elsewhere in the first place? Up-vote if you agree.