Command_line sensor issues

Any help greatly appreciated.

I run hass on my ubuntu box, i did a rebuild yesterday (long overdue), recovered all of my configuration and started hass, however for some reason none of my command_line sensors now work, they all error with

17-03-05 10:10:29 ERROR (Thread-5) [homeassistant.components.sensor.command_line] Command failed: /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/scripts/

the homeassistant user can run the script from the command line, and all my scripts have #!/bin/bash at the top of them.

The differences after the rebuild are;

  1. hass runs as homeassistant, i followed the virtualenv instructions, this has changed since my original build when the instructions created a user called hass not homeassistant. I dont see why this would make a difference.
  2. The version of hass is at the latest 0.39.3



I am no expert,but with command line sensors if I get errors it is because I got the path wrong.
Just double check the path exists, and the file is where you are actually pointing it to.

thanks for taking the time to reply but the path is fine, i can run the script using the line from configuration.yaml

Take a look here, maybe it solves your problem.

you have made my Sunday, thank you so much!


My pleasure. :wink: