Companion App Notifications - No Sound Alert?

Hi there,

I’m using a OnePlus 7 phone, stock rom - nothing custom.
I’ve installed the HomeAssistant App long time ago, but just got into notification settings.

Just started testing it via the Developer tools services to call a service.
I’m getting the notification on my mobile, but no sound and no vibration.

Am I missing anything?

Few notes

  • Phone is in Ringer mode - No silent or anything
  • HomeAssistant App have all the notification settings enabled
  • I’ve also tried a different channel - but that doesn’t seem to work
service: notify.mobile_app_XXX
data: {
  title: "Notification Test"
  message: "Hello 2"
    channel: "Testing"

All three phones and two tablets we have make sound when they receive a notification.
It must be a phone setting.

(And all prior phones also)

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So I’ve tried uninstall the app, cleared all data and cache and resintalled it - nothing worked.

For some reason, pressing and holding the notification brought up the notification setting menu.
It seems these notifications are marked as ‘Other’ and not critical by the phone notification service:

Changing it to ‘Important’ fixed it - Not sure why was it marked as ‘Other’ in the first place.

It seems I need to change this setting for each notification channel - Pretty annoying - I wish I could understand why are these notification marked as ‘Other’ by default.

Again probably phone settings or phone manufacturers default actions.

Good that you found the problem. Make sure to mark your post the answer that way it will be easier to find in case anyone else has the same issue

Yup not sure why OnePlus is doing this weird thing, by default all notifications should generate a sound unless the importance was set to Low.

You can try setting channel importance next time you create a channel: Introduction | Home Assistant Companion Docs

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Thanks @dshokouhi for the wonderful offer - it worked indeed.
Much appreciated!