Compile and use executable to control heatpump through HA


How do i get the comands for the bit settings to work

specificly the on - off for the pump

I have a problem trying to setup this AlsavoCtrl
In terminal, when running this command " ```
./share/AlsavoCtrl/AlsavoCtrl -s xxxxxxxxxxxx -l xyzxyz

"zsh: permission denied: /homeassistant/AlsavoCtrl"

I am not the greatest in homeassistant (yet), so i hope i could get some help here :)

Its been a long while since I have looked at this.
It seems that you don’t have permission to read/execute AlsavoCtrl.

You user must have access rights and the AlsavoCtrl must be executable.
I think its chmod +x AlsavoCtrl (but I’m really rusty).

Also the dir in you message: ./share/AlsavoCtrl/AlsavoCtrl does not match the one in you snippet: /homeassistant/AlsavoCtrl

best Kasper

I’ve just made a separate integration for Alsavo Pro: GitHub - goev/AlsavoProHomeAssistantIntegration

It should hopefully be much easier than using AlsavoCtrl and MQTT. However, this is my first attempt at both Python and making an integrations in Home Assistant, so use with caution!

That said, I have been using it for a few days now and it has been very stable. If someone could help make it into HACS and maybe improve on it, that would be great :slight_smile:

@goev this is awesome, good news! Until now, I have been using the setup from @KasperEdw which also was a huge improvement from having nothing. But I lost that integration after I needed to restore from a backup. I was about to establish the Alsavo connection again, but now I would like to use the one from you Goev.

I installed the integration yeasterday. But after a HA restart, I do not get contact. I did not investigate further yet, I will check more this evening what is going on there.

Again, thank you and keep up the good work!

@goev I got around to power up the heat pump and after that, my HA also started working again. So looks to me that if the integration is not getting contact with the heatpump, the whole HA froze. For me at least.

Yes, I’ve experienced the same problem :frowning: I’m trying to fix the problem, but I don’t really understands what’s causing the issues. When I try locally, outside of HA, it works just fine and the code is not hanging at all, even when the heat pump is offline.

I have now been using the integration made by @goev and it is working very well for me, stable so far :slight_smile:

I was wondering how people are controlling their heat pumps for pools. Have anyone made any smart planning features for heating, money saving etc?

One thing I have noticed with my heat pump is that in Smart mode, the compressor is maxing out at 6 amperage even though it will reach 8 amperage in power mode. In Smart mode, it stays at 6 amperage even though the temperature drops several degrees. The consequence is that I am missing ~25% heat capacity when operating in Smart mode. And in Power mode, the hysteresis is +/-1 degree, meaning it will heat to 38, then stop and start again at 36 when having setpoint on 37.

Anyone using spa knows that 36 degrees is kind of too cold and 38 getting on the too hot side if one is sitting for a while in the tub. I contacted the maker for the heatpump about why they limit the max power in smart mode, but did not get any proper feedback.

So, I was thinking to make a automation where Smart mode is used in general, except when the temperature drops 0.3 degrees below the setpoint and go back to Smart mode when reaching setpoint again. By doing this I ensure that all power is avaiable when the lid is of and we use the tub but still have the benefit of smart mode keeping the temperature more close to setpoint by regulating compressor power.

Anyone else have the same issue and how did you handle that?

I use the Gecko integration to get temperature from the hottub and then control the heatpump. When the hottub needs heat the heatpump is set to 41 degrees (max). The temp sensors in the heatpump do not appear to be very precise. This allows a rather precise temp setting with 0,5 degrees increment. It seem to overshoot with less than 0,5 degrees before stopping the heating. (mine is set to 39,5 - steaming :smile: )

Energy wise, its on from 00:00 to 17:00. Power is cheapest from 00:00 to 05:00 and spicy pricy from 17:00. I use high power when ambient is above 2 degrees. It seems to over freeze at lower temps and the efficiency is better at smart mode below 2 degrees. I have a switch that turns the functionality off in case we want to use it later than 17.

When the solarcells wake up the I change the off hours to 00:00 - 10:00 to utilize the sun.

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Hi Peter i let a message on the github, please read it… I am looking fhelp for starting the container in docker.
Thank you

Hello, can anyone tell me how to find the IP address of the pump. I don’t see it in my internet box. THANKS