Complicated multi-part question about the ElkM1 integration

I’m using the ElkM1 integration for Home Assistant and noticed that it’s missing a lot of entities from my Elk M1G control. I have an area and zones, but no tasks, outputs, or keypads.

I see in the integration documentation that the integration supports control firmware 4.6.8 or 5.2.0 or higher. I decided to see if maybe my firmware wasn’t new enough to support getting those entities (even though this worked fine for me with HomeSeer before I migrated to Home Assistant). This has led me down a deep and confusing rabbit hole and I’m hoping someone with insight can help…

My M1G currently has Firmware Version 5.1.24. If I go to the ElkM1 owners’ site, I see that I can download Version 5.3.10. However, the release notes for that version warn that “Firmware versions LATER THAN 5.3.0 do not support the legacy M1XRF2G RF (GE format) Receiver”. I’m pretty sure that that’s the receiver I have since it was sent to me by Elk as a beta test unit when wireless was a new thing for them.

So it seems that I probably want Version 5.3.0 to avoid breaking my system. But I can’t find anywhere on Elk’s site to download older firmware.

So I guess my actual two questions are:

  1. Is my firmware version the reason that I can’t see the additional entities I’m expecting to see? If not, what’s missing here?
  2. If I do need to update the firmware to get the integration to provide the additional entities, does anybody know where I can find Version 5.3.0?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Did you enable those types of entities when you configured the ElkM1 integration? I did it a long time ago, but I can see from the configuration that you can choose whether to expose each class of entities.

I’m pretty sure that’s not something I’ve ever explicitly done. This may be a dumb question because I’m somewhat new to Home Assistant… is there some GUI way to check which types of entities I have enabled or do I need to explicitly set everything up in YAML?

Hey, just seeing this. Most convos on the ElkM1 are over on this thread: ELK M1 Interface. You will get good response there. I recommend reposting there, but to get you started how have you configured the integration? Through the GUI or YAML? If through the GUI, was it autodiscovered?

On the integration documentation page, there is reference to versions. 5.2+ is officially supported by the integration. See Elk-M1 Control - Home Assistant. There are known problems using the integration with versions less than 5.2.