Component `intent:` is needed (but undocumented in home-assistant docs) with Rhasspy

I was learning and trying to set up a Rhasspy architecture with Home Assistant as the intent backend. I ended up looking into the documentation on intent_script and added the intent_script in my configuration.yaml.

However, after a while, I realized that Rhasspy documentation told me to add an intent: in order to… activate the intent component (?) along the intent_script (?).

I can confirm that my setup (Hass.IO 0.111.3 with Rhasspy 2.5) only works when I explicitly add that intent: line in the configuration.yaml. However, I was looking into the home-assistant documentation and I could not find that option anywhere.

Have I missed something? Or is that indeed an… undocumented integration? Deprecated? Lost on an update? Given that Rhasspy has it correctly documented, it’s no big problem. But I was double-checking everything (because, in the end, I had a bug elsewhere) and realized that inconsistency.

see . In HA, both intent and intent_script are needed. Intent are the “Spoken / written words” that you could invoke from HA’s frontend (see mic on top right corner). The beauty of this setup is that you could have the same intent for both HA and the Rhasspy. So let’s say you are outside or in house where your voice cannot reach Rhasspy, you could utter the same words through HA to invoke the same intent.

The intent is written is much similar way as it is in Rhasspy

Yes, I looked at that page. But AFAICT, there is no explicit mention or example in which the intent: line is mentioned or showed. So… it is an undocumented mandatory option for that configuration. And is tricky to understand why. The intent_script, on the other hand, has plenty of documentation and explanation in that link and also in

Yes, that is because the HA’s conversation component is kinda not being actively developed in IMHO. It has given way to Ada and Almond. However, I use the conversation components for intents and subsequently intent_script generously which mean I have single automation that can be controlled from HA as well as Rhasspy…

I thought I was missing something until I found this post.

Are the intent_scripts: children of intent:



or are they seperate?



The second one.