[Component Request] SunPower Solar Monitor

Hi, I would love to have a component that pulled information from my sunpower solar monitor. They have a pretty basic website which is pretty bad at displaying information monitor.us.sunpower.com

Would be great to have current production, and daily / weekly / monthly usage, totals and %


Not exactly the data you wanted but I’ve done a first pass at using the local management network to scrape the local data. This means you’ve have to use something to store or compute daily/monthly/weekly. Also requires a PITA network setup and the interface is really slow.

My data in the sunpower web UI is so horribly broken that I stopped using my scraper for their UI and moved to the local ‘API’

https://github.com/krbaker/hass-sunpower (via HACS)

Edit: It has a bug where data doesn’t update I think… will post followup

There is now another option as well: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/sunpower-integration-via-esphome-experimental.