Conbee II not available on Amazon

Does anyone know if this unavailability is permanent? I need one like yesterday!

I’ve heard rumors that it’s due to the global chip shortage. However, you can get better coordinators (look at Tube's ZB Coordinators and Routers (was Zigbee router on steroids?)). I’m not sure what his stock is at the moment, but both of his coordinators are fantastic and blow the Conbee2 out of the water.

Plus, he ships pretty fast in the US.

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I have stock of both CC2652 variants (USB/Ethernet) and components to make more in hand and more on the way. just knocked out 8 routers this morning, planning on doing Ethernet coordinators later today or tomorrow.


And this is why I love @tube0013!!!

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Also there are other retailers for conbee ConBee II Overview

Why enrich Bezos?

I’m in the US. Only one option for us :frowning:

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