Condition fails

From what I have read the Alias can be anything and is just for the UI and is not used to call the script. By replacing the ID number in the script with a name all lower case and no spaces but leaving the quotes it works.

I have cleaned up the conditions as indicated and everything looks good by manually triggering the automation. Will have to see how it works tonight then add my motion sensor.

Thanks much for the assistance!:smiley:

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I think there may be some confusion between the script “alias:” & the script designator which ends up being the object_id.

example from the docs:

script: #<--- domain
  wakeup: # <--- designator = object_id = all lowercase, no spaces, underscores are OK
    alias: Wake Up # <--- name in the UI = pretty much anything, no quotes required but they are OK
    description: 'Turns on the bedroom lights and then the living room lights after a delay'
        description: 'The amount of time to wait before turning on the living room lights'
        example: 1

the script above will show in the states page as “script.wakeup”. and in the UI as “Wake Up”.


Thanks finity,
If I had access to my HA instance and sample code, I ‘may’ (no guarantee though) have caught that, same with Marc’s comment earlier.
I seem to be okay extrapolating from known examples but less so on writing on a blank sheet, I shall try to improve and I appreciate both your inputs, as I’m sure John does too.

finity, apologies if you felt spammed (tink’s point above)


Nah, I think that part of that post is a bit too nitpicky. I don’t mind being tagged. If I don’t want to respond then I won’t. Most times it’s innocent enough and I don’t feel as I’m “demanded” to do anything.