Config entries and discovery in custom component


Trying to write my first custom component and I am stuck. According to it should be possible. But when I try to implement it, i see a empty line in the list of supported integrations in the UI.
The empty line on top is my custom component.


    "domain": "samsung_wam",
    "name": "Samsung Multiroom Speaker",
    "config_flow": true,
    "documentation": "",
    "requirements": [],
    "dependencies": [],
    "ssdp": [
            "device_type": ""
    "codeowners": []


    "config": {
        "title": "Samsung Multiroom Speaker"

And a second question:
Does anyone know if discovery is available in custom components accordning to the above manifest.json ?
I cant seem to get it working, but I have so far only write some trail code that should print to log for investigating all the functions.

did you make any progress with this pls?

Unfortunately not. But I haven’t tried much.

have a look at Making String.json Populate Config_Flow Integration UI

Can confirm - creating a .translations/en.json gets the name on the Add Integration list

also trying to get discovery working (specifically zeroconf) if i get anywhere i’ll let you know

I’m working on the same. I just came across this page on the Samsung Development Site. All of this should be doable with the smart TV integration if it contains the “Smart View SDK” (which explains why all of my wireless audio multiroom speakers are discovered as smart TV’s). The first block of code there appears to lay out how to discover the speakers and differentiate them from smart TV’s using the Smart TV API: Smart TV - Build | Samsung Developers

Unfortunately I dropped this project a time after writing the initial post. But I have resumed the work since a couple of month back, but have very limited time to code.

I have not committed any code to Github yet, but have spent quit a lot of time investigating the API. The following projects got me started:

At the moment I am close to releasing a beta asyncio library for the speaker that is able to control the speaker and to keep track of the state of the speaker. But have not yet written any code at all for Home Assistant. I am hoping to be able to release the code within a month.

Yes I found the 1st one as well just a few min ago. Its been the most useful. Seems like much of it can be accomplished through ha’s RESTful Command integration. I’ve just spent the last few min playing around with typing up and sending commands through the url pane in my browser. Im just now beginning to type up the corresponding service calls in HA. That would be great if you are able to publish something for it. I have a multiroom surround speaker setup in my room (HW-J7500 + 2 R1’s) that I currently can only toggle power with.
Thanks for those references btw – I’ll check them out.