Configuration of Tasmota devices


In order to control Tasmota devices with Home Assistant on Raspbian, I have to manually edit the yaml conf file.
What if I want to do the same thing with a hassos image? Do I have to manually edit a text file or is there a web GUI/addon for doing that?

Yes or enable autodiscover on MQTT and setOption19 1 on Tasmota and then setup an automation so HA gets the states on reboot as described:

Although i personally add them all manually I find it more reliable

There was recently a change to this. As well as Option19 there’s another command required but I cant find it (option fifty something). @DavidFW1960 know’s what it is. Hel’l let you know when Australia wakes up.

And yeah for the moment I prefer manual config too. Though with the planned changes to integrations that are coming I may change over (ability to delete auto discovered devices instead of the whole integration).

Edit: Found it:

SetOption19 On
SetOption55 On