Configuration problems

It has been a while since I got into changing my hassio configuration. A few updates passed in the meanwhile and I’m not sure if it’s about my configuration or that things just got changed.

  • I was used to it that my configurator was first protected by a password. I liked the idea that my configuration was somehow a bit protected tgis way.
    But it’s been a while since i noticed that it’s protected. Now I can just make anny adjustments without giving in a password. Is it somehow possible to protect it again?

  • There were some automated light and switch groups in the “beginning”. I used this to switch off all lights when going outside or in the night. But I noticed that this is not working annymore.
    Seems I even can’t find the all light or switch groups annymore in the configurations.
    Anny idea how to get this working again?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

the first part
i have no idea
the second part
unfortunately there remove default groups.*_all
but you can still use groups.yaml to create a group or there is a appdaemon app that will bring it back for you

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The all lights, switches etc. groups have been deprecated. Check out this topic that provides some methods to get their functionality back.

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