Configuration warning for extra keys at empty or first line

I am getting configuration warning at line 0 and for empty line. Really not understanding whats going wrong here…

Media%20Player%20file%20Error Sensor%20File

Any help is highly appreciated…


for samsungtv you specified the key view which is not allowed as per the component docs

for file there is no key scan_interval given in the component docs

That is exactly what the errors were pointing to. Reading errors is not “rocket science” people!

I am surprised how much a newbie like be can help people here when I should be learning.

That’s what I thought too but was told scan_interval is a property common to all platforms that support polling (by flabaff in this post).

For example, there’s no mention of scan_interval for System Monitor yet I was told that it supports polling. The default scan_interval is 30 seconds and you can override it by specifying a different value.

I think I’d prefer to see scan_interval explicitly mentioned in a component’s documentation (if it is supported buy the component). At the moment, some component’s have it documented and others don’t … but the ones that don’t might actually support it if they can do polling. Ouch! I don’t know if File Sensor can do polling therefore I don’t know if it supports scan_interval.

I have already checked for “scan_interval” , and removing it, is not helping. Surprisingly line number where failure is pointed out, is the empty line number. So I did further trial and error in this particular file. And to surprise me, failure was on line no. 38 (although log file was pointing to line 33). If I remove “name” then warning is disappeared. I was under the impression that “name” is supported for all components lke “scan_interval

For “samsungtv”, you were absolutely right. Looks like I was completly focused on other error, and I missed to remove the “view”…

No, not to my knowledge (for example, template sensors don’t use name). Also, to be precise, scan_interval is not supported by all components, just the ones that support polling. The other documented common option is entity_namespace (see Entity component platform options). In my case, I’ve never encountered a need to use it.