Configuration yaml error

Not sure what I did but not I am getting an error.


Nobody is going to be able to help you with this. You’ve posted your code in a screenshot instead of properly formatted code block. (see ask questions sticky post on home page) You also haven’t posted any of the relevant code. The error is in your automations.yaml file somewhere. Try to narrow it down to things you’ve changed since the last successful config check so you’re not posting a wall of code for people to sift through.


Only way to find it will be to go through your automations. Check logs under developer tools. Sometimes more info comes up there. Or Maybe copy each one into the template editor. Eventually you should find one that brings up an error.

The template editor probably won’t help here, as the error states that he is missing a required key and the template editor doesn’t check this.

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After you did this copy the code from your automation.yaml file, paste it here, mark it and press the </> button on top to format it correctly.

Also you need to not post the same question in more than one place when you are actively getting help in the other thread. It’s going to get confusing when people are trying to help you in more than one place for the same problem.

On that note, see my reply in the other thread and close this one out.

Trying to help out here…

In the error message you got from the UI, you can see it states:
“Invalid config for [automation]:”
You also see that it states:
“/config/configuration.yaml, line 42”

While line 42 is your group inclusion, since the error stated it was an automation, it’s actually in line 43. That implies that you have an issue somewhere inside your automations.yaml. Unfortunately, because you’ve split out the configuration file, that’s about all you’ll get. If you post the properly formatted code block (see above for instructions) for automations.yaml, we can assist.

Alternatively, you can move everything from automations.yaml back into configuration.yaml, get rid of the inclusion, and then the UI will give you a better indication of where the issue lies…