Configuration.yaml issue, but HA was running fine in the past

Hi, i’m using my HA for 2 yers now but after a power fail it starts in Recovery mode. I checked the logbook and there is a message my configuration.yaml is not ok.

The fault: * [548039643712] The system cannot restart because the configuration is not valid: Error loading /config/configuration.yaml: expected ‘’, but found ‘’ in “/config/configuration.yaml”, line 29, column 1

On line 29, column 1 the integration of my home thermostat starts (rooted Toon Thermostat). This was working fine for, lets say, 400 days…

The file:

Example configuration.yaml entry


  • platform: toon_smartmeter
    port: 80
    scan_interval: 10
    • gasused
    • gasusedcnt
    • elecusageflowpulse
    • elecusagecntpulse
    • elecusageflowlow
    • elecusagecntlow
    • elecusageflowhigh
    • elecusagecnthigh
    • elecprodflowlow
    • elecprodcntlow
    • elecprodflowhigh
    • elecprodcnthigh
    • elecsolar
    • elecsolarcnt
    • heat
    • waterflow
    • waterquantity

After searching on this forum I could not find a direct answer for this issue.


In the first 29 lines of your configuration.yaml file, are there any !include statements? If there are then the error message’s “line 29, column 1” isn’t the 29th line in the file. It’s the 29th line after the YAML processor has expanded all other files referenced via !include statements. In other words, it’s unlikely it’s complaining about the Toon sensor.

What is the first !include statement in configuration.yaml? For example, if it’s including automations.yaml then that is the file you should inspect for syntax errors.

Ah, this is my first include:

Thanks for your help, i found the issue. in groups.yaml there was Smart Meter instead of Smart_Meter

I’m happy!

You’re welcome!

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