Configuring energy monitoring with solar and aeotec power meter

Ok. So I have SMA Solar panels and an Aeotec clamp meter. Everything is connected correctly and reporting values. I’m just wondering how I am supposed to configure everything in the Energy tab so that it all is set up correctly and that it reports usage vs production correctly.
The Aeotec meter reports 3 values, let’s say A, B, and C. When I look at the values, A + B = C.
I assume C is the energy coming in through line 1 and A is what leaves line 2, meaning B is what my house consumes.
In the Energy Configuration area, there is Grid Consumption, and Return to Grid. There is a separate section for solar panels. I’m not sure what of values A,B, & C are supposed to go under Grid Consumption and Return to Grid, as I would assume all of those numbers include solar coming into my house. C would be the combination of grid and solar that comes in and A would be the combination of grid and solar that is returned to the grid.
Here’s some example numbers:
Solar is reporting 36.64.kWh
Aeotec reports 24.44 kWh, 5.33 kWh, and 29.77 kWh.
I’d assume 29.77 kWh is what is coming in, 24.44 kWh is what is coming out, and 5.33 kWh is what is consumed, unless I’m reading that backward and 24.44 kWh is what is consumed.
Basically: How do I figure out what number is what and how do I put it into the energy configuration correctly?

Were you able to get this working? I have the exact same setup as you and I think I have it working.

I spoke with Aeotec support and unfortunately you can’t have the HEM in net meter mode and still get energy totals i.e. kWh sent to and from the grid.

To get around this, I created some integration sensors based on the instantaneous power measurements as seen in this post.

I’m just waiting to confirm that the kWh calculated by HA match the HEM, but to do that I need to wait for the sun to go down. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can post my exact configuration if you are interested.