Connect to WI-FI

How do I connect my pi to WI-FI, and remove ethernet?
I have tired
-a separate usb with the “Network” folder (per some posts)
-trying to connect under settings…

The instructions only have the below, nothing else


You don’t like the last line of the instructions?

I have had a difficult time getting any of my Raspberry Pis to connect by WiFi if the RaspiOS wasn’t installed with WiFi in the first place.

I would never run my Home Assistant server, or any server for that matter, over WiFi. It’s slower than Ethernet and less reliable.

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Why is a good question…
Because it looks like 2022.10 will have iBeacon tracker

and I would like a Pi at my desk to see how far I am from it, I currently use RoomAssistant but that has been abandoned, and for the life of me I cant get ESPHome to work.

This pi would just be doing one thing, iBeacon Tracker.

And I too agree ethernet is best, but I like the second line “Home Assistant can work with WiFi”.

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Years ago I wrote up this process, but since I haven’t re-installed a new HA implementation since then, I’m not even sure it still works exactly the same.

The point is, I have my RPi 3B+ running today (and have for over 3 years) on WiFi only.

Why? Because maybe the spot you want the HA hardware to live isn’t wired for WiFi. Or you don’t have another port handy on your router or switch.

Performance? This is a red herring. People stream video on WiFi-only TVs. I can assure you my HA implementation has never even begun to push the bandwidth limits of WiFi. Maybe you could if you have lots of streaming security cameras going through HA or some such.

I had never heard of iBeacon, but I will definitely be interested because I have a couple of things that get misplaced around the house. The devices look cheap enough. Which one do you plan to use and why?

So, you don’t have Ethernet at your desk? Makes sense that you would want WiFi. Would this Pi be your Home Assistant Server? Is this Pi running RaspiOS?

Thanks for the straight forward response (with no questioning my need). I got it going and will see how it goes.

I was editing my prior reply when I saw you replied to it already…

I love ESPHome. I have about two dozen nodes on it now after moving all of my Tasmota devices to ESPHome. If I can figure out ESPHome, anyone can. But, how would ESPHome have anything to do with iBeacon trackers?

How did you fix your WiFi issue? (Future readers might want to know).