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Connecting with Samba sharing on VM with WIN10


I’ll share my smb.conf when I get home

comment = HomeAssistant
path = /home/rob/.homeassistant/
force user = rob
force group = rob
read only = No
guest ok = Yes

Great, thank you!


How did you get on?


Struggling to get SSH working. I’m sure I’ll get it to work, but I’m having trouble to find enough time. Maybe this weekend :blush:


I managed to get Samba working.

I was unable to get it working using NAT settings for my VM so I went back to bridged. First this didn’t work, but I found out that I had to choose the network adapter that my host PC (NUC) uses for its current internet connection. After that my hassio installation appeared in my router with its own IP adress. I was then able to reserve the IP address. Now it’s all working fine.

Connecting to Samba worked instantly using \hassio\share. It seems to be impossible to get it working using NAT.

SSH is working fine too now.

Conclusion: NAT makes life harder.


So NAT is good for somethings. But I think the issue is the VMs could not talk to the rest of your network.

With NAT on VMs your creating another network under the host and typically the routing isn’t there to route traffic from outside in. NAT blocks this.

In bridged mode your VM network is visable to the rest of the lan.

Well done for preserving!

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