Consistent disconnect from HASS

when i talk about components then that is things like zwave (i name that one because its 1 that always causes trouble)

how to check if a component is already up and running?
use things like:

pause = True
while pause:
  if self.entity_exists(some_entity): # the component is there at least.
    if self.get_state(some_entity) != "unavailable":  or any other state it can have when not fully loaded
      # the component is fully loaded
      pause = False
     # the entity has a state we dont like
    # the component isnt loaded

but be carefull with loops like that. if you remove the entity, or rename it or make a typo, AD wont start at all.

Got it! I understand now. I do have zwave devices, and recently added a few. I’ll incorporate this into my apps - carefully, as you cautioned!

Again, thanks for the help, @ReneTode!

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I’m having the exact same issue
so far I tried for the HA_URL:, the ip of the server with docker, http://hassio/homeassistant

The only way it works is when I use https with my dns address (and my server is behind Nginx)

The address http://hassio/homeassistant do not work at all in my local network (I need to access HA using the IP) is it related? (I would prefer to avoid going through internet)

I just installed appdeamon and had the same issue. Then I realized it wanted to use port 5050. I am working from and accessing system from my Windows 10 system. I had to open port 5050 on the Firewall. Not sure if needed, but I created a new rule for both Inbound and Outbound opening port 5050 and it now works fine.