Constantly getting "The Lovelace UI configuration for this dashboard was updated, refresh to see changes?"

I’m in yaml mode for my lovelace panels. I constantly get this message on my wall panels, maybe every 10-15 minutes. I understand that I get the message if I use VSCode to make edits. But, I get this message when I am not updating any of the configuration and everything is closed in developer browsers.

Can anyone help me understand what I have done to make this keep popping up?


I ran into something similar once. Turned out to be the timestamp on the UI config file. Somehow it had gotten in some weird state. I just used the Linux touch command to update it and the messages went away. Don’t know if that will help, but you can see more details here:

Thanks for the help. I went through the directories and don’t find any smoking gun with a weird looking timestamp. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if I can find anything over time. Not good for user acceptance when each time they walk up to a panel it says that.

So I turned off my Visual Studio Code add-on thinking that might help but it did not.

I am still getting this message come up on my wall panels even with no changes to the configuration. Is there a debug mode I could go into that might tell me why the frontend thinks that there is an update?