Continue on Error as the default

You can do that.

Use an automation to monitor your system log for errors and send a notification if one occurs.

Hmm good idea, right now I have watchdogs that check if a boolean gets successfully set. I’d still like a way to set continue on error on as the default for a certain automation or integration.

Hi Tom, that’s true for sure. But, what I can echo from my own recent experience is it’d be super helpful to have a way to log and notify on “more trivial” errors instead of stopping the script entirely.

Similar to PHP, for example: The difference between “warnings” and “fatal errors”. One tells you something’s not right and you should look at it while the other stops the script from continuing to execute. You can specify the default behavior for warnings to “log and continue” instead of hard-fail.

Having a way to do that either globally or on the “whole script” level would be nice.

I’ve never experienced this issue until last night. Went downstairs and everything was dark when it should not have been. Checked the logs and my light schedule had stopped because an unreliable Sengled bulb had dropped off the network. There’s 20 other lights in the script; it would have been better to have those others go ahead and turn on as expected. Assume it’s going to continue to do this until I find, order and replace those flaky bulbs. (Aside: if anyone has a suggestion for a non-proprietary-hub zigbee bulb, I’d appreciate it)

Strange thing is: Those Sengled bulbs drop off all the time; and the scripts never stopped before - odd that it decided to do it for the first time last night; haven’t updated HA or any integrations.

Just my two-cents on the issue; I’ll add the continue on error for those bulbs on the scripts that run daily until I can get the replaced.


I’ve been pondering this, and what I’d really love is to be able to add some error handling within an automation itself.

Be able to have a try catch block, specify if a step takes too long or doesn’t return successfully then run an alternate code path.

The only way I seem to successfully get automations to always complete is to wrap them in a parallel block and add continue_on_error everywhere.

I dont think anyone is asking to hide the problem. I have hundreds of devices utilizing multiple protocols from cloud, zwave, zigbee, Bluetooth, etc and its a pain to make sure EVERYTHING is working for automations to execute fully.

If the HA team wants HA to become more mainstream, things like this need options and proper alerts so people can know what to do and not kill the automation dead in its tracks because of one cloud device that stopped responding or timed out.