Control components from Google Assistant or Alexa



I was wondering if you can control Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa via Home Assistant?
Reason being, some of my components are still not available in HA but already exist in both. I was wondering if I can create script to automate components from HA, GA or Alexa.



Maybe use the TTS function and a speaker to speak to command to GA?
Not sure how else to do it…


sadly not possible


I could be wrong but I’m fairly sure someone made a custom component or add-on that allows you to send commands to Google Home via text, so you have the text in an automation and send it to the GH to act upon it


Don’t think you can do it directly but you can do it all through IFTTT.


Take a look at this: Community Add-on: Google Assistant Webserver (broadcast messages without interrupting music)


Thabk you guys. I will take a look. With so many devices coming out sadly, mostly are not supported for home assistant.


If they’re supported by Alexa or Google Home you can definitely control them from Home Assistant via IFTTT.(well if they are supported by IFTTT I suppose)