Control MaxxAir Fan with ESPHome and IR Transmitter

ok. but what i do notunderstand is…
if its working its working. that means i can send commands and the maxxair receives them every time. next day (or few hours later) nothing works. even if i send the same command 100 times. there is not one time that it will work.
i installed the esp with the transmitter directly in front of the ir light into the frame of the maxxair, and i put the ir light from outside of the case of the maxxair into the frame of the maxxair (where i also put the esp). so there is no sunlight and its really really close to each other. maybe there are some other LEDs, i dont know. i have to try to put them outside where i can see whats gonna happen. but no time for that now. even if it really sucks to stand up to control the maxxair at the moment :smiley:

@Karosm what transistor or what transmitter should i use to get good results?

Difficult to debug, too many odds… At least control with your phone camera that you really are transmitting something.
For transmitter, there are modules with transistor circuit, but 95% you find “on amazon” are just led and resistor.
To build one you just need common npn transistor(like bc337 or bc547) and two resistors.

@Tidle could you share this button code too please?