Control Sonoff Devices with eWeLink (original) firmware over LAN and/or Cloud

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For anyone else using automations that have this issue you need to do the following with the sonoff TH temp and humidity sensor

use the trigger type template
then in the template data
{{ state_attr(‘switch.sonoff_xxxxxxxxxxxx’, ‘humidity’) | int < 60 }}

There were confirmations that it works with TX.

Got it. Thank you for your support.

This component is really great for using with the devices that are harder to flash and do not have diy mode.

But I have some issues with it. After some time my sonoff devices in HA become unavailable. I have to switch them via eWelink software in order to see them again in HA. I thoght it might be the issue that I get loged out so I shared devices with another account and loged out on application with the account I use with this component.

Same issue with Ifan02 (fw 3.3.0) and all S26s (the rest is alreday flashed).

Previously I have used where things worked without that issue but I like AlexxIT very much since there is no lag and no cloud dependency

Thanks for your work, does the component work with Sonoff Basic RF R3?

Does this custom component still works if there is no internet? Also, i’m using another custom component that works with Sonoff devices, but that’s need to work with their cloud and it’s once a while, it missed the command. Does this custom component will have the stability as the Tasmotized Sonoff?

Please advise and thanks in advance.

I am thinking to install this component. Right now I have the peterbuga/sonoff, but I prefer the local connectivity option/
Are you still having these issues?
When I tried to install this integration it asked me to override the sonoff custom_componet and I stopped there.
Which is the right way to install this component? Should I remove the peterbuga first and delete sonoff component or just replace them with this one?

Hi, did you finally installed this component? What is your experience until now?

Nope. I have not installed this component and still using the peterbuga’s component.
In fact, I’m thinking to flash it to Tasmota instead.

All devices unavailable after HA reboot. They are discovered on the LAN after each reboot.
Detection speed depends on the multicast support quality of your router.

As I already have the peterbugas component when I am trying to install yours I got the following
What is the best way to deal with it. Just overwrite, and reboot?

/config/custom_components/sonoff already exists
Doing this will overwrite it.
Are you sure you want to continue?

It should theoretically work (overwrite and reboot).

Do you believe that my automations will still work or I will have to rewrite everything?
I only have 1 temperature sensor which I am sure I will have to alter but I am wondering for my switches mostly to find out how much time it will take.

I just wanted to inform that I installed the component with overwrite and reboot (of peterbugas component) and everything is working ok. I had to change only a temperature sensor as per the documents. Thanks a lot!

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I just wanted to confirm that the addition of other sensors to the Sonoff sv would still require flashing another firmware ex. with esphome. I have purchased several Sonoff sv for that Dr Z garage door opener with Ultrasonic distance sensor. Since flashing is a one way trip and I haven’t actually purchased the flashing hardware I thought I would check in. If there is some more experienced makers out there who would like to guesstimate if this would ever be possible(stock firmware on the lan using addon sensors) than I would appreciate a chime in. Than I can just continue and order all the stuff I need. There is no rush. Seems like a quickly evolving possibility to use the stock firmware and not be reliant on the cloud.


Hello Alexx, and thanx for your great work. I’ve been using this for 3 months with 11 T1 switches and this works great. Now i just got a RF Bridge and 2 DW1 and 2 PIR2 Sensors. I dont know how can I configure them. I ve seen the tutorial with the smoke detector but its not working for me. I just want to see the status of the PIR or the door sensor. Can I make a lovelace card to see the log of door ? A log in lovelace to see when the sensors triggered ?

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Hi @AlexxIT , Thank you, the component works great!!!
Can you add support for SONOFF Micro - 5V Wireless USB Smart Adaptor

Thank you!

@yoni3210 That plug works fine for me with the current version of this component. Just added it to my ewelink app and then deleted the .sonoff.json file to force the component to rediscover.

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Thanks! Working Great!!!


This looks great.
Sorry if it’s a stupid question, but wil this install from HACs as a custom repository.
i see HACS.json, so I suspect it will, but I’m unsure what URL i use to add it to HACS.
I’ve added it manually for now.