Controlling a light based on the status of another "light"

I have a wifi based dimmer switch that works with Tuya. It’s a rotary switch… like, a wheel to adjust the intensity, and a button for on/off.

It is recognised as a light in HA.

I want to control another wifi light (for now, later I will want to control a full group of lights) using said dimmer.

How should I tackle this? I’m a complete newbie in “complex” programming… :frowning:

If you simply want to synchronize their states (when you turn on/off one light, the other is also turned on/off) there are at least three Blueprints available that can do that:

However, if you want to also synchronize their brightness, that’s more challenging (and, to my knowledge, there’s no Blueprint for it).

The alternative is to create a Light Group. It will be a new light entity that controls the state and brightness (and color) of one or more other lights.

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Nice, I’ll take a look, but you did point something out… I need to control the brightness too… :slightly_frowning_face: