Controlling a Remote Rasberry Pi

So I have a few Rasberry Pi’s for other projects. (my HA is running in a Docker)

I want to be able to tell if the Remote Pi’s (running Raspbian) are powered on, CPU temps (if possible) and to be able to shut them down and restart them from HA.

When i Google “Home assistant control remote Rasberry Pi”, well you can imagine the results, every link is telling me how to do things on local Pi :frowning:

For monitoring;

It is a lot more lightweight than Glances (the other option).

You can use a command line switch to shutdown via ssh and wake on LAN.


I have a pi running node red in addition to the pi running HA.

I ping the NR pi (it has a static ip), and get a notification from HA if the NR pi ping fails.
I think I setup the ping as a sensor.

Tells me the NR pi is up and likely running.

Shut down is interesting, would make it easier then opening a terminal just when I want to turn off the pi, maybe I’ll look into it.


Thank you, I am going to do all the above, “Remote RPI system monitor” looks really good.

I can’t use Wake-on-Lan, because the Pi is on WiFi, but I have another solution for that with the Sonoff Micro (smart USB power).

So here’s the plan for one of RPIs which I want to turn on and turn off alongside a PC.

PC Turns off:
Sends MQTT -> Node Red Sends SSH to Pi to shut down -> Configurable ping node starts and pings Pi for 60 seconds -> after ping fails, Sonoff Micro kills USB power.

PC Turns on:
sends MQTT -> Turn on Sonoff Micro
USB power is restored, Pi boots with PC

This particular one is all because I have a media / gaming PC in the living room, the Dongles for a mini keyboard, Game Controllers and Bluetooth are just out of range and keep dropping out.

So I put all the dongles in pi and used “VirtualHere” on the Pi, and I can have the Pi Closer, which all works great.

The issue is that whenever the PC wakes up from sleep or hibernate the VirtualHere client and Pi server fall over each other and both need to be restarted. Plus there’s no point in the Pi being on for no reason

I am looking at hopefully we can get to a integration with something like this…