Controlling my Eltako dimmers via Enocean PI - Need advice

Hi everyone,

I am new to this community, as well to Home Assistant and home automation in general.
A few weeks ago, I deployed HASS.IO on my Raspberry PI 3. I created binary sensors (via Hikvision Cams), linked it to my google home, Asus WRT router, configured bluetooth presence trackers and was able to control my Somfy screens via the RFgateway. It is great! I love it. So far so good!

My next usecase is about controlling the livingroom and kitchen lights via HASS (and eventually via the google assistant). I am struggling a bit, and wonder if my plan is possible at all. Hope you guys can help me or push me into the right direction.

My setup is that all my livingroom and kitchen lights (spots) are wired to the electricity meter cupboard. There I have 8 Eltako FUD14 dimmers. These dimmers are connected to one bus, with a Eltako FAM14 controller connected to it. The controller has an antenna, that receives signal from the EnOcean PTM210 wall switches (868Mhz).

To be able to control the lights via HASS, I assumed that I need to send a (868Mhz) signal to the FAM14 controller (just like the wall switches currently do). I purchased an Enocean PI and connected it to my PI3.
Apart from a conflict between the Bluetooth controller and the Enocean Pi that I need to solve first, I haven’t been able to find documentation online on how to actually achieve this.

Most documentation is about using the Enocean PI in combination with HASS is about defining binary sensors. So the Enocean PI is in that case used to receive triggers from the Enocean wall switches. I am actually try to achieve the opposite: I want my Enocean PI to be able to SEND OUT a signal to the Eltako FAM14, just like my EnOcean wall switches are doing.

Does it make sense what I am trying to achieve? Is it even possible, or am I making some kind of mistake here? Any help, suggestion, or push into the right direction is much appreciated.


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Hi Marcel,

I also got a fam14 controller and was wondering if you have got it working on your HASS system ?

Hi Vinnovic,

I definitely have. It was quite an effort though! As far as I am aware, it can’t be done via HASS directly. I’ve got in contact with someone from Eltako who adviced me to install FHEM Via FHEM I am now able to control all my dimmers. FHEM runs on the same pi as HASS and is extremly light weight. There is a docker image available as well. Only when you’re using hassio, i don’t think it can run on the same pi (not sure though, I have very limited experience with I’ve used Hassbian with HA in a virtual environment, as well as Raspbian stretch with an HA docker container). Via Mosquitto (mqtt) I’ve managed to link HA to FHEM.

I am not sure what your Nationality is, most community forum posts on FHEM are in German. I am Dutch, so was able to understand quite a bit. Google-translate did the rest :slight_smile:

Apart from configuring FHEM (i can help you with sharing my config) you need to configure your fam14 controller as well to do bidirectional communication. Also every individual dimmer needs to be paired with virtual gateways configured in FHEM.

Anyways, too much detail for now :slight_smile: If you want to do this, send me a PM so that I can try to help you. I don’t remember every step by heart anymore, but I made a lot of notes back then that I still have.

Let me know!

Well I would like to know more but I can’t seem to find a pm button anywhere.

I’m from belgium anyway :wink: but my german is not that good :upside_down_face:

Hello Marcel,
I am actually trying to control my roller shutters with Home Assistant. For that, I actually use Nodon soft remote controls and Eltako FSB61NP dimmers. What I have succeeded is : to know the sender_id of my nodon remote from hexdump, to install FHEM on Rpi (I only succeed to get a “2020-05-29 10:31:16 TCM TCM310_0 CONNECTED” message, but I totally don’t know how to use FHEM :confused:), to configure enocean intégration in HA. But I don’t succeed to activate anything. :frowning: Please will you be able to help me to understand your process FHEM > MQTT > HA more in details. I don’t find many discussions, I have just start HA for 2 weeks (just these roller shutter are missing), and even if FEHM seems to be powerful I am very incompetent on that

Hi Christian
I have a similar problem.
I used fhem for quit a while and am new at HAS.

I mangen to establish a connection via mqtt between fhem an HAAS.
I connect beim FAM14 (Enocean) with my lights and dimmers.

Now I want to control the EnOcean devices connected to fhem via HAS.

FHEM is set up as MQTT client and MQTT bridge.
Mosquito working as MQTT broker is set up on HAS.

With an MQTT browser I can confirm, that messages ar sent from fhem to HAS.
So far so good.

What’s missing are the fhem devices on HAS.

Do you have an idea how to set this up?

Hello, I have succeeded to control my shutters via MQTT. :wink:
I understand that your enocean devices are light, so you should be able to use this

Thanks for the hint.
I still miss some basic understanding.
My /config/configuration.yaml is as follows:

Example configuration.yaml entry


  • platform: mqtt
    command_topic: “fhem/”

and that’s what my explorer states


O.k. I’m one step further.

Example configuration.yaml entry


  • platform: mqtt
    command_topic: “fhem/”
    state_topic: “fhem/”
    payload_on: “on”
    payload_off: “off”

Now I can switch my light based on the mqtt command_topics

There’s on open question. How can I create a device on HAS?

The unique-id was missing. Now it works

  • platform: mqtt
    command_topic: “fhem/”
    state_topic: “fhem/”
    payload_on: “on”
    payload_off: “off”
    unique_id: “Eltaco-FAM14-D2”

Is it still not possible to add HA “wall switches” to control/send out commands within the Enocean HA integration? Do I need FHEM or additional plugins for this?
I’m interested in buying an USB300 instead of a wall switch to be able to control my EnOcean equipment through HA instead. But I thought a USB gateway and HA plugin for Enocean would solve it all. :slight_smile:


For me it works with NodeRed and the EnOcean Plugin




Are you still using the setup disscribed in this post?

I want to send you a PM but I can’t find out how?
Have you checked the


“Messages: Allow other users to send me personal messages” checkbox?

Yes I am. Still works like a charm.
I will DM you, so that you can reply (not sure if this is still relevant though).