Core broken after update -

I have HA installed on Pi (the regular way, meaning OS + Supervisor).

  • Yesterday I applied the latest update to the core (2022.5.4) - and after restart, the deConz integration was not accessible any longer. Connection failed, and all Zigbee devices inaccessible.
  • I might have overreacted, when I immediately rolled back the core to 2022.5.3.
  • After that, the web UI wouldn’t work any more.
  • Checking the logs by connecting a screen, the error shown was “Home assistant core has crashed”.

Ever since, I haven’t been able to get it working again - and since it’s the first time I am actually using the CLI, I feel like a real noob.

I do have FTP service up and running, but only to the media folder.
SSH is apparently not properly configured to be access via external client.

Unless there is a way to fix it (anybody has an idea??), I guess I need to start with a completely fresh installation.
However, I don’t quite get what I am able to back up and then restore.
Especially when it comes to all my Zigbee devices, it would be a massive PITA to set up everyting from scratch :weary:

Has anybody out there experienced something similar, and/or can tell me what I should best do next?

Thanks so much!


This describes exactly what happened to me. I am really distressed because I have so many integrations and zigbee devices. But its really weird because I only have 4 automations that are time based and they are still working. You know, light on with motion, LED Strip on in parallel with a switch. I am about over it. I see little breaks a challenge but this may have permanently put me on the bench with so much to do. Even starting over is going to be a hassle.

I ended up reinstalling EVERYTHING from scratch and now am a little bit more cautious with creating backups regularly.

It might interest you that today, after updating Core and OS, I ended up with a similar issue. The deconz integration could not reach the gateway at address 172.-something.
Strangely enough, I could access both deconz and Phoscon web interfaces and see all my devices.

I found THIS and it did the trick.
In the Phoscon web app on the top right corner you find the right IP address.

I find it weird that this suddenly happens, but am glad I was able to fix it. Hope it says like that.