Correct way to reset app and start over?

I was recently having some issues with the app on the latest beta (iOS 13) and had to delete and reinstall it but now for some reason I can’t receive notifications. It’s not finding my mobile_app_my_phone any longer. I have ran multiple tests using service panel but it doesn’t work. I believe I may need to remove old traces of my phone in Home Assistant somewhere and reset the app?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Step 1: remove app from phone
Step 2: remove integration in HA via the UI
Step 3: redownload app and do onboarding
Step 4: after onboarding restart HA and keep your app alive (so screen on)
Step 5: happy notifying


Upon reinstalling the app it crashes on startup for me now. I get the welcome screen, then I click “Continue” and I get just a glimpse of the next screen before the whole app disappears (crash). I’ve tried re-installing it multiple times, rebooted the phone…not sure how to get it working again…

Edit: anyone encountering this same issue, I found a solution here [SOLVED] IOS companion app crashes on fresh install

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I had issues with trying to pass stream from camera to iPhone app. It would only launch the stream on the phone after a restart of HA and my iphone. I tried removing and reinstalling the app following the steps below and no errors and NO notifications. Everything else works fine but there is also nothing I could do to get the enrollment process to pop up. As soon as I install the app the phone in back in the integration.
HA 116.4
ios 13.7
Really appreciate the help. We have a deaf dog that has pretty much stopped barking and I was using a notification from the camera motion to know when she was back at the door.

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