Crashing logs?

So, I’m trying to use a usb SD card adapter because the instructions seem to require doing it that way. I can’t find instruction on how to install Debian on a RPi other than that, or flashing the image. When I flash the image it is in ARM64, so when I try to install Agent OS it tells me it is the wrong format (AMD64) for my system. When I try to follow that comm guide seems to require burning to a usb as a bootable first. Now I am kinda wondering, can I burn an ISO to a SD card another way? Son of a gun. Just read that etcher can do ISOs. I thought it was only IMGs.

I set up HA OS again on a new SD. I’m at 51 minutes Uptime now. I guess we will see if it is stable in the next 13 mins or so.
I think the boot drive wasn’t working because the link takes you to 11.3 I think it was and the docs said 11.2 (I can’t remember the first digits, I think it was 11. I’m exhausted from working on this all night.)
If I crash again I’ll check and see if the 11.2 I downloaded last night before literally passing out works.
Thank you all for the help thus far!

Edit: Neat, just loaded the companion app after posting… apparently they updated it and it will show crash logs now.