Create a loop for a timer/sensor

Hello to all

I just need some help;

I have the following timer/sensor sensor.water_valve_timer_time_left

that closing the valve after 5min, from I pressed to opening this valve.
I just need to create a loop to increment this value to not reach the 0 and the valve keeps open until i stop the loop

Can anyone please help me in order to achieve this?
Thank you in advance for your help and best regards

Please share the automation you are using… How to Ask a Good Question #8 & 9

I’m not using any automations for now … Because I don’t have any idea for to do this

By the way I’m not find the way to post on the topic that you shared…

Thank you

How are you accomplishing this without an automation?

That topic is a read-only source of tips and information about how to post good questions so that the people on this forum can give you useful answers instead of having to ask you so many follow-up questions to clarify what your actual problem, goal, or question is. If you have not read it, you should.

Regarding the automations yes, I know that I need an Automation in order to achieve this

But as described in the Post that you share:

Describe the goal, not the problem

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of the XY problem . If you describe your goal first, then others can understand what you’re trying to achieve.

I’m describing my goal

And yes, I read the post, but I don’t find or understand where I can post this question Sorry

I also think that this is a forum for the support …

Thank you for the help in advance in order to solve this issue

Ok, let’s start from the beginning…

Does the valve currently close after it has been opened for 5 minutes?

Increment the value of what exactly?

It’s not normally possible to increment the value of a sensor entity. Which integration are you using that creates sensor.water_valve_timer_time_left?

Thank you

The value is in this entity sensor.water_valve_timer_time_left 5 min at start of open valve command

And I need to create a loop to keep this timer always starting counting when reach 1min for example to keep the valve open until I press some other button to stop this loop.

The integration for this device used is the Zigbee2mqtt

Thank you for your support

Thank you

The valve close after this timer entity sensor.water_valve_timer_time_left reach 0 min and I need again to press the button to open/start the timer

Thank you for your support

How does this happen?
Is the timer built into the device?
Is there an application outside of Home Assistant that does it?

Maybe you should post the name and model of the valve device you are using.

Does the “button” appear in Home Assistant?

To me, it seems anti-pattern to automate the override of an automated process… Is there no way to alter the 5 minute cutoff at its source?