Create an entity in yaml and make it appear in dashboard

I am trying to do something to hard for me.

I have done this :

Now i am trying to have a switch for a light in my dashboard.
So i have to put something like this in configuration.yaml


  • platform: myhome
    where: ‘01’
    name: Garage Light
    dimmable: False
    manufacturer: Arnould
    model: 64391

But then it s showing me error in yaml editor AND in dashboard.

Could someone help me please make it work ?

Please read this, especially point 11, edit your post and format the YAML properly.

What error? Post the exact error message, as well as related logs.

From the Github readme link you posted, it seems like you have to add your gateway in the UI before you can configure individual sensors in yaml. Have you done that?


I solved by writing it correctly.
or others if they need help what i did is thanks to someone on another post.

I created a line in /config/configuration.yaml
light: !include myhome_light.yaml

And i put the code in a file i created in config/ myhome_light.yaml
This solved my problem