Create disaster-recovery setup


I’m having an HA running on Raspberry PI 4 with all latest versions.
As I developed a lot to make my home intelligent I would like to have a spare configuration in case something is going deeply wrong.
What are my best options? I make a weekly full backup and copy it via Samba to my PC.
I have a Raspberry PI 3B as spare hardware. Buying a additional PI4 is an option when available again.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Use this to make the backup and copy it off the system automatically each night:

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Oke but how to restore

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I have Google Drive Backups saving multiple scheduled backups, and I have Synology NAS sync that folder locally, so there’s always 2 copies of the snapshots available (3 if you count the original one on the HA drive). I use snapshots to revert back to a previous state if something gets messed up in HA.

In addition to keeping multiple snapshots, I make a periodic disk copy of the drive that HA runs on in case of a drive failure. I use either balenaEtcher or Win32DiskImager to create an image file of the entire drive. Save that image file to a second disk or clone/burn it to a backup drive you’d use to boot the entire OS.

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