Ct100 thermostat not reporting temperature

I have 4 ct100 thermostats and none of them have reported temperature changes for the past week. They are all stuck on whatever temp they reached at some point, despite the fact that the set points have changed during that time and the heating has been cycling off at night. Using zwave-js. This happened before I did the April upgrade and has persisted afterwards. I’ve reloaded and upgraded zwave js, (v0.1.17) to no avail.

Any thoughts on fixing it without removing all the thermostats again?


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Same problem. Re-adding thermostat does not fix it. It was working fine using the zwave integration, and I updated to zwave JS last night and today I see that no sensors have updated since last night. I just removed and re-added the thermostat, but still the sensors do not update once it is added. Let me know if you get anywhere with this.

Seems that a manual refresh using Z-Wave JS - Home Assistant works as a stop gap solution. I created an script to refresh the tstats, and then an automation that triggers that script on motion sensors activation and other device temperature changes.

Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. Right now I just have an automation to refresh every 5 mins but I will also think about using other sensors. I noticed that with the refresh_value automation I no longer can tell when the heat/ac was actually on though. When I view a history graph of my climate entity, it used to color in parts of the graph to show when it was heating/cooling.

Seems a recent zwave_js and/or home assistant core update has fixed this to some degree. While there is some latency, the tstats are refreshing periodically, so I’ve turned off the automation that refreshes them.
However I still have my refresh tstat script in the ui just in case…

Thanks,I just noticed this morning that my thermostat history graph was Correctly showing when the heat was on and when it was off, So I was going to look into this tonight. Thanks for confirming!

Mine has still been doing this, not updating. It controls just fine but shows nothing properly. I made an automation to zwave refresh the thermostat, air temp and humidity every 15 min.

Wish I could find a permanent fix!

It appears you may need to update your ct100.json device config file. See CT100 doesn't show current temperature w/ Zwavejs2mqtt - #2 by dhmsjs

Thank you for the heads up! Updated it, turned off the automation- I’ll see what happens! Hopefully this fixes control as well- setting heat and cool limits while in auto wasn’t working…