Custom card general question

When i add something like the following where do i add it in the lovelace ui?

  • url: /community_plugin/lovelace-media-art-background/media-art-background.js
    type: module
    blur: 10px
    opacity: 0.5
    transition_opacity: 2s
    • media_player.main
    • entity: media_player.secondary
      valid_states: [‘playing’]
      image_attribute: ‘entity_picture’
      RIght now i have all my “types” and “urls” on the top of my config.

Please don’t paste your code as picture, but copy the code in the post and use the button “</>” to format it.

For your problem, you might ask the guy from this thread, as it seems he solved it.

You have to switch to yaml mode. Once you switch you can’t go back to UI mode. Also, please learn how to format posts.

Read Step 11