Custom Component - Adaptive Cover

Thank you very much. So I guess I have not set up the integration properly. I will go back and will reread it.

I am excited to announce a new release that introduces support for illumination and irradiation thresholds. These features are available exclusively in climate mode. Along with weather conditions, these thresholds enable the cover to return to its default position if any of the three parameters fall below their set limits. However, if the maximum comfort temperature is reached, the system will prioritize keeping external heat out of the room.

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I’m a great fan but after updating from 1.2.2 to 1.3.0 my complete cover system was broken. The covers does open and close without any plan… i removed the complete integration and after new installing and new config they did the same stupid things.
Actual i removed evrything and wait for the next update… sadly i had no backup from haos with adaptive cover 1.2.2 :roll_eyes: clearly my fault.
Maybe i didn’t understand the 1.3.0 logic…

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Hello, I’m a little confused about the setting the maximum open for a shade.
I have it set like so:

But when allowing Adaptive Cover to take over, it’s opening all the way to 100%.


I’ve tried inverting the controls, setting the transparent option, and both of those options at the same time.

@muzzy and @ShooterQ

V1.3.0 introduced a small bug where all states were rendered inverse.

This release fixes it!


Good to know, thanks. This is my first time experimenting with Adaptive Cover so I assumed I did something wrong. Looking forward to it.

Im Impressed!!! Thankyou. I will install the integration again and test it. :blush::slightly_smiling_face:

I have seen several requests to introduce a minimum value. As the implementation methods can differ I have started a discussion on Github to discuss possible implementations. Feel free to contribute your use cases and/or opinions.

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