[Custom Component] Battery Notes

Just wondering if this is still in the cards?

I just installed your great work and have a bunch of devices added. I’d love to be able to track the wireless sensors in my alarm system, which uses the evisalink_new integration. Each of the 14 wireless sensors I have appear as a binary sensor entity within the single alarm system device. They only trigger once the battery fails (sadly no percentages) but would be great to be able to track battery types and change dates along with all of my other devices.

As it happens I’ve spent 6 hours on this today, think it’s going to be doable but no promises on timescale.

sweet! let me know if you need some testing done.

If you want to test the latest features make sure you enable show Beta versions within HACS for Battery Notes (on the redownload overflow menu).
I tend to release big features for at least a week in beta first.

Hey, question for you.

I have a Ring Keypad V2. Model shows Ring 4AK1SZ. It is a rechargeable device.

Battery Notes is picking it up at zero percent. But, the level is 85%.

Am I doing something wrong on this? Is there any info I can give you to help identify if you have not already heard about this?

Please let me know. Thanks.

It would appear that the Charging status is being picked up instead of the battery level. It’s an issue with the current version where devices present multiple batteries, there’s no way for me to pick the right one.
The upcoming version will allow you to explicitly choose a battery entity that will solve this, I’m working on it but no promises as to when.

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That is great. Thanks

I have just released version 2.3 into beta which now supports entities as well as devices.
You will have to turn on betas within HACS to get it.
Remember this is beta so if you are eager to use entities then give it a try but there may be some issues still lurking until official release.

Ensure you read the release note for potential breaking changes with automations

i added a litte time ago a couple of battery info to your database.
but my HA stays on the same numer of battery+ devices.
its doesnt find the latest adds.
how can i update the databas so it wil find the new units automacticly?

and thanks for your work.

The battery library is automatically downloaded on the start of HA and every 24 hours from that, and the discovery takes place after the download.
Restart HA to make sure you have the latest library.

It could be the device make/model is slightly wrong stopping discovery, if that’s the case you can add it manually or submit a new device request here

You can check if the device is in the library here

Hello Andrew,

i see it in the database but it doenst show automaticly on my HA

i had added the first one a time ago.

and when i see the database file there insnt any of lidl.

I suspect you can’t find it in your local library as the search may be case sensitive.
Also can you check the date of the library.json file on your system, it will be the last time it successfully downloaded it, if it’s old check the system logs for any errors.

The silvercrest device is marked as MANUAL battery type, that is because there are several revisions of the device that take different batteries, even though the model number is the same, people keep submitting the two different battery types as corrections to the library.

If yours is the Silvercrest named one you will have to add it yourself manually.

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Congratulations on your integration! Good work !
But I have a problem with the “Smartlife” integration. This problem occurred following the installation of “Battery Notes”. I would like to temporarily remove “Battery Notes”. Alas, I don’t see how to do it.
In advance, thank you very much!

Hi, I’d be surprised if Battery Notes interferes with Smartlife but I don’t use that integration.

  • Go into Settings/Integrations/Battery Notes and remove each battery note from any devices you have that might be causing issues (or all of them if you want to totally remove the integration via HACS afterwards)
  • Go into HACS and select Battery Notes and using the menu select Remove, this will remove Battery Notes entirely.

Probably best to do a restart of HA after removing Battery Notes.

Thanks a lot !
You are right : the problem is always here after removing your integration !


I use Zigbee2MQTT and have the problem that all the battery states (Aqara) are showing 100%
So I guess it is not possible to use your config to see the correct data, correct?

Zigbee2MQTT works fine and what I use with the majority of my devices so must be something up with your Lovelace card.

I just noted that the details view at Z2MQTT shows all values over 3000 mV (e.g. 3005 / 3015 / 3045 mV).
All this values are listed with 100 % battery level:

Is there a way to set the battery change date in the past? I am switching over from a manual logging and want to be able to indicate I changed the batteries when I actually did it. When I click on the change batteries it naturally only shows the current date.

Hi, you can by using the service call which optionally takes a date.