Custom component - BlueIris

I noticed that BlueIris recognized the login of ha and says it is connected. I show cam image cards ,but a broken image.1 I do have these cameras working through regular web interface, so i know ha can display them. As seen here.2 . Still plugging away at it though… :wink:

When you make a call to the BI it will recognize the login even if you don’t see anything, login is to the web server.

Does the is the same as short name of camera in BI?

Bar is it possible to get the motion events also with the older BI API versus the mqtt, do you have it implemented inside the code?

I created MQTT binary sensors using the code, it takes all the cameras and add the sensors in case you added the topic structure.

It requires adding in BI settings for each of the cameras to publish messages

Long time BI user, looking forwarding to playing around with this.

BlueIris component new version with the following available in GitHub:

  • Aligned compatibility to HA v91.0 (according to warnings)

If you are using the previous version, please remove:

Entire component is now according to the new HA standards - domain folder with all its classes

Please let me know if you encountered any issues


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Hi all,

New version available in GitHhub:

Mainly I seperated the classess into different files and fixed an issue with MQTT Binary Sensor,
Before it supported both motion and connectivity or without both of them, setting just one of them cause an error

I created a centrelized repo for all my custom components with custom_updater support (and versioning)

It includes the following components:

  • BlueIris
  • EdgeOS
  • Battery Level
  • HAM (Home Assistant Manager)

Anyone been able to develop a Lovelace card that pulls in recent historical videos from BlueIris? I’ve seen the aarlo-glance card which will do this with Arlo cameras, but would love to see something that can pull in local IP camera video using BI or UI3 video capabilities.

Not a card, but someone posted a gallery panel on these forums a month or two back, which can pull in video clips from a local directory. So as a workaround to view video clips from Blue Iris, I have the Samba add-on hosting www/recordings as a share, and then Blue Iris outputting video clips to that location

I can not get cameras to stream. Everything else works but cameras. I do not see any errors in the logs. I see the camera being setup in the logs and can use the URL( to stream vai VLC. Ideas?

Component is not working with stream mostly because it open mutliple websocket connections which overloads the BI server (as opposed to regular set of camera that each of them is getting just 1 connection) which causes huge delay, I personally have 18 camera which are exposed by the BI, running on machie with 8 cores / 32GB RAM / Gigabit network with SSDs (for BI server) - after few seconds it gets to 95% cpu.

Mid-term solution available - the component exposes a service to generate 2 input select (camera and media player list) and a script to cast using media player - play media service.

Long term solution - Component will identify that it runs with stream, will take the source that BI is using and will connect it directly

i can see the camera and the motion sensor work.
how can i config the audio sensor?

New version available:
Fixed binary sensor for motion / audio to work without zones - no need to define MOTION_A to get its off event.

If you are already using the component and updating to the latest, make sure you are following the configuration changes in BlueIris to make it work.

Binary sensor are no longer relying on ON / OFF payload from the MQTT, the topic is one for all binary sensors, the state is part of the JSON payload

New major version with breaking changes:

  • BlueIris 5 JSON API integration
  • UI configuration support instead of YAML
  • Less configurations, takes configurations from BI server (all cameras are loaded, audio binary sensor will not created unless needed)
  • More details per camera in the attributes
  • Switch functionality changed, each profile is being represented with a switch, is armed switch removed
  • Added support for HACS

From now, components are not being displayed in the entities of the integration and available only through states (Developer -> States)

Binary Sensor - Alerts
State: represents whether there is an active alert or not
    Active alerts #
    System name
    Support expiration
    Logged in User
Binary Sensor - Connectivity - Non-system-camera
State: represents whether the camera is online or not (based on MQTT message)
Binary Sensor - Audio - Non-system-camera and camera supports audio
State: represents whether the camera is triggered for noise or not (based on MQTT message)
Binary Sensor - Motion - Non-system-camera
State: represents whether the camera is triggered for motion or not (based on MQTT message)
State: Idle
    Audio support
    Is Online
    Is Recording
    Issue (Camera is yellow)
    Alerts #
    Triggers #
    Clips #
    No Signal #
Switch - Profile (Per profile)

If you are turning off one of the switch it will work according to the following order: Profile #1 turned off, will turn on Profile #0 All the other profiles upon turning off, will turn on Profile #1

State: Allows to set the active profile, only one of the profile switches can be turned on at a time

hey Bar,

Does this creates all the switches, cameras etc.? Cos nothing is added when HA restart…
Can you give a proper config yaml

host: hostname or ip
port: port 
username: Username 
password: Password 
ssl: should use ssl?  (should it be true or false ???)

Configuration moved from YAML to Configuration -> Integrations in HA UI, any configuration related to YAML should be removed.

Did you switch to that configuration?

nope, thats probably why im having trouble… lol. Thanks. Will give that a try…

Just want to say thanks for this project in HACS (github). While there appears to be a known issue right now with MQTT motion alerts, I very quickly got the cameras all visible and working (and finally can cast – now I have to figure out why what I had before was not working!).

thanks bar for the adding the project in HACS and also fixing the issues fast. I have all the camera sensors working as well with the latest release.

Trying to see how i can setup alerts with jpg send to telegram, also setup stream.