Custom Component / Card: Plex meets Home Assistant

Hi. Read the link I sent you, that is the issue you are encountering.

It is known bug. The search field only allows me to type one letter at a time on my iPhone. As soon as I type a letter, it kicks me out, and I have to click on the search field again to type the next letter. Same thing happens with the backspace any thoughts? · Issue #104 · JurajNyiri/PlexMeetsHomeAssistant · GitHub

I know that’s my issue that I opened lol

Okay as long as it’s not just me, I’m assuming IOS 17 maybe? Hopefully a fix for it soon thanks

Hi Juraj
Thanks for the quick answer. I have looked through the doc you sent but cant seem to see what i need to do to sort it out.

my setup currently
Plex Server is located ona QNAP NAS -
Home Assistant is located on QNAP with as the SSL interface
Plex Client App is on a Fire Stick (connected to TV)
Tablet is an Amazon Fire 10
Laptop is a MS Surface

Home assistant card yaml
type: custom:plex-meets-homeassistant
protocol: https
token: cmumxxxxxxxxxxx
port: 32400
libraryName: Deck
plexPlayer: Lounge Firestick

The HA “Plex meets Homeassistant” card and Yaml works well on the laptop to select a file and watch on the fire stick on the TV

Using the Tablet with the same HA “Plex meets Homeassistant” card and Yaml (as above) shown a issue

Dialogue box apprears and states
-Unable to Connect to Home Assistant
The Home assistant hostname certificate mismatch, please review the home assistant certificate or the connection settings and try again

Then in the card the following is shown
-Error: Plex server did not respond
Details of the error: timeout of 10000ms exceeded

Hope that makes sence


To add to my last message

Plex Server Version

One more question. Why do my plex movies always resume from where they left off? I want them to always start at the beginning.

I feel like other people have the opposite problem by default. Is this some plex casting setting?

From the link I sent:

If you are using Home Assistant via HTTPS, you need to specify port https for Plex and have Plex available on https connection with a valid and working certificate.

There is no such thing as certificate for ip thus your configuration is invalid.

the Plex is accessed via HTTPS and works - I have also created a standalone HA incident whcih was NOT HTTPS and i replicated the smae issues

the Card has HTTPS as the protocol (see my YAML text previously)

any other suggestions?

Anyone know how to get the movie to play from the beginning?

Is this a setting in Plex for casting?

Anyone ? I am yet to get an answer on this thread to anything I’ve asked. I’ve slowly moved away from this and have built my own, can someone PLEASE tell me how to start the movie from the beginning instead of it alwasy picking up where it left off


It works because you have put in exception.

protocol: https
token: cmumxxxxxxxxxxx

This is invalid configuration. It will never work without exception in browser, fix your env or it will not work.

There is no such thing as certificate for ip thus your configuration is invalid.

Put in a proper hostname with proper certicate like the important notice in readme asks you to do so.

Read the above carefully and tell us more about your setup, there are many different ways how to use this card.

Wow, that was a shot int he dark. It nearly worked for me. Sadly the token is accepted but the integration gets stuck on “initialising”


This is a card. Not integration and not that integration.

Good point. Sorry I was deep googling how to get Plex managed accounts on HA and this thread was the only source. Subject for new topic then.

Nice work @JurajNyiri

So if I have a tablet that I want to play music on, from a Plex server, I have 2x options, correct? 1, have the plex app also running on the tablet, and user this card to play “from” HA to the Plex Client.


Figure out why my DLNA is not working from Plex and use the built in Media Sources.

Am I missing anything obvious here?


I believe you have a third option. The Plexamp app.

I have an Android tablet setup, its running the Home Assistant App,and the Plex App. I have this card set up, and it works great, I can cast from a computer loading the dashboard, no issue.

But on the Android device itself, when I have the dashboard up with the card on it, I just get “Error, Plex server did not respond, network Error”

It it possible to Cast to the same device ?

Check readme. You probably are using HTTPS ha with http Plex.

Greeting Juraj,
I’m just starting to use this and am probably doing things a bit differently than most and discovering glitches that nobody in this thread has mentioned. I also checked the currently open issues and and didn’t find anything. It might be PEBKAC so my apologies in advance.

I need to be able to horizontally display more than the default 3 media images. I have horizontal scrolling enabled. I’m using a 14" wide, 3" tall 4K touch display that sits at the top 3U of my AV rack. It’s dimensions mean that I want to be able to have many library items displayed horizontally, and only a single row.

I thought I could change the number of images displayed by altering “Minimum width of the card (Optional)” from the default (blank) to something larger. But I can’t work out the correlation between this value and the number of media items displayed.

What is this value used for?

Edit (30 minutes after I posted this, of course…): I found a way to do what I need. I use a custom card ‘custom:layout-card’, with layout_type: custom:vertical-layout.

type: custom:layout-card
layout_type: custom:vertical-layout
  - type: custom:plex-meets-homeassistant
    protocol: http
    sort: titleSort:asc
    playTrailer: true
    showExtras: true
etc etc etc
aspect_ratio: 100%
  width: 800
  max_cols: 1

Which works. So I’ll keep this in here for others to use.

The other problem is that the browser memory/resource problem that was experienced in the early versions of PMHA, and was fixed back then, comes back when trying to use larger libraries. For my smaller libraries (a few hundred items), it works fine. But for a library of 1000 or so, it starts to struggle. And for my movie library of several thousand, it essentially hangs the browser tab and consumes 2GB of memory. This is on both Chrome and FF (under ubuntu). Latest versions of PMHA, ubuntu, HASS, Chrome, FF etc.

I can limit the # of items displayed or use collections or avoid using the Movies library at all, so there are workarounds, but I thought you might want to know.

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